Exclusive Autographed Five-Book Collection

Exclusive Autographed Five-Book Collection

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This exclusive book pack is perfect for families interested in helping their children explore philosophy, critical thinking and science. This pack includes the following five books:

My Name is Stardust Special Edition Hardcover (foreword by Richard Dawkins): My Name Is Stardust inspires passion for science, teaches concepts such as evolution, and helps children understand their connection to the cosmos. It is beautifully illustrated with 24 pages including a glossary of scientific terms. 

Elle the Humanist Hardcover (foreword by Daniel Dennett): Elle the Humanist is a beautifully illustrated book by nine-year-old Elle Harris, presenting humanist ideas and ethics in a way that's warm, welcoming, and accessible for young readers. It features a foreword by renowned philosopher and author Daniel Dennett. 

Don't Be Mean to 13 Hardcover (foreword by Robyn Blumner): In this award-winning, beautifully illustrated book, young readers meet Thirteen, who is feared and disliked by some people for no good reason. Don't Be Mean to 13 is a charming story with adorably drawn characters for pre-readers, while at the same time presenting the ancient historical roots of a popular superstition and introducing older children to evidence-based, critical thinking.

Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders Paperback: Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders brings back Stardust, the wide-eyed, science-loving heroine of the series. The book also introduces a new character, her little brother Vincent, who learns an exciting fact: every living thing on Earth is related! Addressing scientific concepts such as plate tectonics, fossil records, and evolution in a simple and understandable manner, Stardust explains to Vincent how all life on Earth -- including people -- evolved from earlier life forms, and how we are able to know this today.

Stardust Explores the Solar System Paperback: Stardust Explores the Solar System begins with the Big Bang, explains the formation of the Sun and the planets, then takes children on an exciting tour through our Solar System! Reviewed by Dr. Eric Meikle, Former Education Project Director at the National Center for Science Education, to ensure that Stardust Science reflects the most current scientific knowledge. Sit back and enjoy this beautifully illustrated book as it takes you across our solar system on one amazing journey!

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All books include a free bookmark and are signed by the author(s)